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Drug Testing

Instant Result Drug Screening

We are now offering 10 panel instant result on-site drug screening. Give us a
call to set up your appointment today! 

ACS Drug Screening        Mobile Drug Screening    

The 10 panel drug tests for the following drugs in your system:

Amphetamine       Methamphetamine
Barbituates           Ecstacy
Cocaine                  Benzodiazepines        
Marijuana              Methadone
Opiates                  Oxycodone

We also have walk-in, no appointment, instant result drug testing for the general public.  We can test you in our office or you can purchase the test and take it and administer it yourself in the privacy of your home! 

Parents, as you know, teenagers are under a lot of peer pressure and may be tempted to try different drugs with thier friends - test them periodically for your peace of mind -give us a call and we will give you a price on 1 or 100 drug test kits!  This is one of the many ways you can deter your child from experimenting or allowing peer pressure to pursuade them to make a bad decision.  If your child knows you may periodically check them, they are more apt to tell thier friends "No thanks, my parents test me".

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Visit us at our office
by appointment, for fingerprinting, drug screening or notary services at 1226 N Beltline Rd, Irving, Tx 75061.  We are conveniently located just 3 stop lights South of Hwy 183 on Beltline Rd at Pioneer.  Our office is easy to locate on the East side of Beltline Rd.  We can take care of all of your walk-in fingerprinting, notary, and drug screening needs. 

Call us at 214-793-1155 for your mobile or office appointment

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